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Archive for July 2017

CNG and LNG On-Site Fueling by Thigpen Energy 

Thigpen Energy offers on-site fueling solutions for both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) applications. Our equipment fleets are specifically engineered to suit individual needs for an array of application types, industries, and environments. “Thigpen Energy provides the most comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions in North America”, commented Jim Schauer, CEO &…

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Thigpen Energy’s CNG Equipment and Usage 

Thigpen Energy owns and operates compressed natural gas (CNG) storage and regulator equipment for customers with the need to use CNG services. Our diverse selection of equipment allows us to quickly provide a scalable solution designed to meet supply needs. Thigpen Energy’s Natural Gas Fleet Our fleet of mobile CNG equipment is tailored to meet the needs of any sized customer,…

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