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Virtual Pipeline FAQs

Thigpen Energy is a provider of virtual pipeline fueling solutions for natural gas (LNG and CNG) across the United States. We provide 100% mobile, turn-key solutions for both schedule outages and emergency situations. Thigpen Energy supplies gas via virtual pipelines to a variety of customer types, including industrial, commercial, and residential. Our solutions range from…

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Thigpen Energy’s LNG Equipment Fleet – Portable Fueling Solutions

Thigpen Energy owns and operates a mobile LNG equipment fleet tailored to suit any sized customer–from municipal gas systems to large industrial plants. This article details Thigpen Energy LNG equipment fleet units that are regularly used to provide portable fueling solutions whenever an outage occurs on a natural gas pipeline that affects your customers.  LNG Tankers Featured below are…

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Thigpen Energy’s CNG Equipment and Usage 

Thigpen Energy owns and operates compressed natural gas (CNG) storage and regulator equipment for customers with the need to use CNG services. Our diverse selection of equipment allows us to quickly provide a scalable solution designed to meet supply needs. Thigpen Energy’s Natural Gas Fleet Our fleet of mobile CNG equipment is tailored to meet the needs of any sized customer,…

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Virtual Pipelines

At Thigpen Energy, we provide temporary natural gas supply across North America for a variety of customer types. Thigpen Energy’s Virtual Pipeline customers include an array of situations, locations, and project lengths that range from hours to months. Thigpen Energy owns and operates an extensive fleet of LNG and CNG vehicles which allows us to provide…

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What is the difference between LNG and CNG?

Thigpen Energy provides virtual pipeline solutions for both LNG and CNG applications across North America. Thigpen Energy’s solutions are 100% mobile and turn-key. The two different ways that natural gas is stored (and supplied) are referred to as “LNG” (Liquified Natural Gas) and “CNG” (Compressed Natural Gas). The basic differences between these types of natural…

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Thigpen Energy takes delivery of more Chart LNG Units

Thigpen Energy is proud of our long standing business relationship and alliance with Chart Industries, Inc., a worldwide leader in manufacturing highly engineered LNG equipment for over 50 years, and happy to announce that this month we will be taking and a LNG Vaporizer capable of flowing at 150,000 SCF/Hour. Each LNG Queen unit has…

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