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Farm Tap CNG Skids

Temporary Natural Gas Services: Farm Taps

At Thigpen Energy, we provide customers in North America a variety of temporary natural gas fueling solutions, including in-field equipment and operations, as well as fueling program design and development for the use of natural gas across an entire fleet.Thigpen-Energy-Equipment-Fleet-1024x493-landscape

In America, there are are more than 72 million natural gas customers. Natural gas is used in: 

  • 7 million homes
  • 4 million businesses
  • 192,000 factories
  • 1,900 electric generating units

One of the sectors within this breakdown who use natural gas are farm tap customers.

What is a Farm Tap?

A farm tap is a private gas line, which means all of the equipment from the outlet of the meter to the house (including the odorizer and gas line) are owned and maintained by the customer.

Farm-tap-Thigpen-EnergyFarm taps allow rural residents the opportunity to receive natural gas directly from a high pressure transmission pipeline (where there is no gas distribution system in place). Farm taps typically reduce the 900-1000 psi pressure of a 36″ transmission line to 40-50 psi.

When Does Thigpen Energy Support Farm Tap Applications?

During an outage or required maintenance, Thigpen Energy provides temporary natural gas supply to farm tap customers. This services prevents residents in rural areas from losing power to their homes and business.

For specific examples of Thigpen Energy’s farm tap applications (and other natural gas projects), view our Projects page.

Let’s Discuss Your Natural Gas Needs

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