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100% Mobile, Turn-Key Solutions

Thigpen Energy is the single source for all of your virtual pipeline needs.


We own and operate our fleet of mobile LNG/CNG equipment tailored to meet the needs of any sized customer, from a small municipal gas system or LDC, to a large industrial plant.

Our fleet is comprised of over 50 pieces of equipment designed to meet the needs of heavy duty, cryogenic, transportation and field gas operations: LNG Transport Tankers, LNG Regas Unites, LNG Queen Storage, Vaporizers (Ambient, Forced Air, Gas Heated), CNG Tube Trailers, and Field Gas Skids.

CNG and LNG Transportation

Thigpen Energy utilizes both in-house personnel and third party transportation partnerships to allow us to deliver CNG and LNG supply to all fueling locations safely, affordably, and on time. Read More...

Thigpen Energy U50 Open CNG Equipment

CNG Storage & Regulator Systems

Thigpen Energy owns and operates CNG storage and regulator equipment for customers with the need to use CNG for drilling and pressure pumping applications. With storage capacity ranging from 126,000 SCF to 467,000 SCF per transport, and heated regulator systems capable of achieving 200,000 SCF/H, CNG solutions, in certain regions, can be deployed for drilling, pressure pumping and industrial applications.

Thigpen Energy LNG Fleet Equipment
Thigpen Equipment Transportation Fleet
Thigpen Energy Virtual Pipeline Solutions LNG CNG Transportation and Equipment

LNG Vaporization-Industrial

Thigpen Energy is heavily involved in industrial outage and virtual pipeline services, in addition to our drilling and pressure pumping LNG fueling solutions. We currently operate a fleet of LNG transports, ISO containers and various size vaporizers suitable for a wide range of outage and industrial virtual pipeline applications. With vaporization capacity ranging from 20,000 SCF/H to 500,000 SCF/H through the use of ambient and heated vaporization equipment, Thigpen can provide outage vaporization flow rates of up to 10 MMSCF/D.

LNG Vaporization-Pressure Pumping

Thigpen currently owns and operates a fleet of high flow LNG vaporizers capable of handling pressure pumping fleets of up to 20 pumps. Through the utilization of heated vaporization and high flow piping solutions, Thigpen provides a large range of LNG pressure pumping solutions. Our vaporization fleet for pressure pumping applications range flow rate size from 150,000 SCF/H to 500,000 SCF/H. This equates to the vaporization of 1,800 to 6,000 gallons of LNG per hour, onsite. Read More...

LNG Vaporization-Drilling

Thigpen currently owns and operates a fleet of, electrically heated, regas storage and vaporization trailers for LNG fueling of drilling rigs. Utilizing rig power for the system heaters and controls, the regas trailers are optimal solutions for drill rig fueling applications. Vaporization rates of up to 31,500 SCF/H (380 LNG gallons per hour) ensure our customers an ample, steady supply of vaporized LNG for dual fuel and dedicated natural gas engines.