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Virtual Pipelines

Thigpen Energy EquipmentAt Thigpen Energy, we provide temporary natural gas supply across North America for a variety of customer types. Thigpen Energy’s Virtual Pipeline customers include an array of situations, locations, and project lengths that range from hours to months.

Thigpen Service WorkersThigpen Energy owns and operates an extensive fleet of LNG and CNG vehicles which allows us to provide quick, dependable service using equipment that is operated safely and knowledgeably by both in-house Thigpen Energy personnel and third party transportation partnerships. We have established the proper mixture of logistics, trucking and transport trailers for CNG and LNG delivery to ensure we provide a superior level of fuel delivery reliability.

What is a Virtual Pipeline?

Virtual Pipelines are a substitute to physical pipelines that distribute gas via land or sea transport. They replicate the continuous flow of energy via transportation logistics using trucks or ships. Another use of Virtual Pipelines, or “Daughter Stations”, is to distribute natural gas to industrial customers that are stranded from local gas distribution lines.   Thigpen Energy U50 Open CNG Equipment

Virtual Pipelines by Thigpen  Energy are provided during pipeline integrity, temporary gas supply, customer curtailment, and emergency. To request a quote, or schedule a time to discuss your virtual pipeline needs, contact Thigpen Energy today.

At Thigpen Energy, we offer Virtual Pipeline solutions for both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) applications.

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