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Thigpen’s Virtual Pipeline Solutions for Startup

Within the energy market, new businesses that incorporate pipeline services–or existing pipeline businesses following a pipeline emergency–must be prepared to conduct pre-startup review and checklists before beginning or returning to standard operations. No matter the situation, during this time, a business owner may be preoccupied with many complex details to begin running proper gas flows–ultimately causing halted productions.

It is important for pipeline businesses to remember that clientele demand simply does not cease. Whether it’s residential or commercial, postponing pipeline operations could result in unsatisfied customers and decreased revenue. To maintain a reputable business image, it is crucial to temporarily utilize virtual pipelines during initial startup periods to ensure steady gas flows at all times.

Thigpen Energy provides reliable temporary gas supply via virtual pipelines to businesses in-need during the duration of an initial startup period. Our virtual pipeline solutions are turnkey and 100% mobile through the utilization of portable LNG and CNG equipment. Not only is Thigpen capable of traveling anywhere in North America, our gear is equipped to assist an application of any size–from small municipal gas systems to large industrial plants.

Our trained professionals use Thigpen’s high-tech equipment to pose as temporary energy generators to businesses in-need. At Thigpen, we offer clients a consistent flow of natural gas until the business feels comfortable to move forward with their own operations.

With Thigpen, ensure all applications are at optimal performance with the assistance and support of our initial startup services. Call Thigpen Energy today to learn more about our virtual pipeline solutions during times of business initial startup.