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LNG Vaporization for Industrial Reliability

 Across any sector, industrial facilities are faced with the constant challenge  of high fuel costs and price volatility. Utilizing liquified natural gas (LNG)  as either a primary, supplemental, or backup seasonal fuel source can offer substantial economic benefits and efficiencies in many applications.

LNG is known to provide a multitude of industrial uses  and sizable applications seeking a cost-effective, safe alternative to relying on crude oil products or fluctuations in pipeline gas prices during winter months. Clean-burning, utilizing LNG also results in a reduced environmental footprint–an ongoing goal within all industries.

During times of  scheduled pipeline integrity & maintenance programs, necessary customer curtailment or force majeures, & even unexpected emergencies or supply shortages, LNG is an efficient & reliable source of temporary energy and has become an increasing important part of success in the industrial sectors across the nation.

Where natural gas pipeline capacity and optimization is constrained, Thigpen Energy is heavily involved in the industrial outage and virtual pipeline services. At Thigpen, our trained team operates a fleet of LNG transports, ISO containers and various size vaporizers suited for a wide range of virtual pipeline and natural gas fueling applications.

In North America, Thigpen Energy has evolved to become a competitive leader in the industrial LNG market capable of providing outage vaporization flow rates of up to 10 MMSCF/D. Thigpen’s fast-growing services are vertically integrated from liquefaction through distribution, onsite storage and vaporization.

With vaporization capacity ranging from  just a few SCF per hour to over 1,800,000 SCF/H through the use of ambient and heated vaporization equipment, Thigpen offers a true turnkey fuel solution for industrial operations in times of short-term or long-term temporary assistance.

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