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LNG Vaporization Pressure Pumping

Thigpen currently owns and operates a fleet of high flow LNG vaporizers capable of handling pressure pumping fleets of up to 20 pumps. Through the utilization of heated vaporization and high flow piping solutions, Thigpen provides a large range of LNG pressure pumping solutions. Our vaporization fleet for pressure pumping applications range flow rate size from 150,000 SCF/H to 500,000 SCF/H. This equates to the vaporization of 1,800 to 6,000 gallons of LNG per hour, onsite.

In addition to high flow, heated vaporization, Thigpen also utilizes oversized onsite LNG storage transports designed specifically for portable LNG fueling applications. Our oversized LNG transports are also equipped with an LNG pump capable of offloading incoming loads of LNG while the fueling system is in operation, thus eliminating refueling down time.