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Tips for Preventing a Pipeline Emergency-Thigpen Energy

Tips for Preventing a Pipeline Emergency

Tips for Preventing a Pipeline Emergency-Thigpen EnergyEvery day, natural gas pipelines safely carry one of the world’s cleanest, most efficient and reliable fuels to businesses and homes across borders. To maintain a stable level of safety amongst both work and community personnel, pipeline owners and operators must take preventative measures to prevent an on-site pipeline emergency.

Although a natural gas incident such as a natural gas leak or intense accident is uncommon, their signs should be well-known for all-around safety. To properly prevent a pipeline emergency, here are a few tips:

Tip #1: A common sign of a pipeline leaks might emit a rotten-egg-like odor of natural gas.

Tip #2: Near a gas line, watch for bubbling water, blowing dirt, dead plants or listen for a hissing sound.

Tip #3: Do not smoke, light a match, use a cell phone, flashlight, turn on or of any lights or appliances or operate any kind of equipment that could create a spark.

Tip #4: Do not take the time to look for a leak or try to stop it without a professional’s assistance.

Whether corrosion has caused a need for pipeline repairs or there has been notable damage as a result of a natural disaster, during a pipeline emergency, temporary natural gas assistance allows businesses to continue operations­–minimizing downtime while maximizing profits and safety.

With solutions turn-key and 100% mobile, Thigpen Energy can assist during any pipeline emergency or disruption to ensure customers have a constant flow of safe, reliable natural gas to maintain operations. Our thoroughly trained professionals offer a complete virtual pipeline solution to provide temporary gas supply at any location in North America.

At Thigpen, we strive to provide customized solutions to pipeline owners and operators during a planned or unplanned pipeline emergency.

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