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How to Improve Pipeline Safety for the New Year-Thigpen Energy

How to Improve Pipeline Safety for the New Year

How to Improve Pipeline Safety for the New Year-Thigpen EnergyAs the new year approaches, it is important for pipeline companies to ensure their pipelines are up-to-date with safety standards and regulations going into the new year.

As pipeline safety is essential for protecting employees, communities, and the environment, practicing precautionary methods to improve pipeline safety can assure a company’s bottom line throughout the new year.

Keep pipeline inspections up-to-date

In order to properly monitor the condition and safety state of a pipeline, regular inspections are key, as they have resulted in a 39% decrease in serious pipeline incidents since 2009. Because pipelines do conform to aging, it’s crucial that they’re regularly inspected to ensure the adherence to current safety regulations and detect potential issues early for immediate repair.

Work with regulators

Just as two heads are better than one, safety is paramount. When pipeline operators work alongside regulators, safety efforts can continue to reduce the overall number of spills, deaths and injuries. These regulators may include the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the U.S. Environmental Safety Protection Agency, and the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Provide the required training

For those who work within a pipeline company, proper training is required to perform their job safely and effectively. It is required by law to have the training and qualifications needed to possess the needed skills and knowledge to perform such complex tasks. If employees fail to comply with certain safety regulations put forth, significant penalties to the company may apply.

During employee training and pipeline integrity periods, pipeline companies need a reliable, temporary natural gas flow to prevent company downtime and loss of profit.

Thigpen Energy provides virtual pipeline services with our fleet of mobile LNG and CNG equipment for a true turnkey temporary gas supply solution. In addition, Thigpen’s commitment to safety is not only an ongoing goal, but it is a culture.

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