Recent Projects

Thigpen Energy provides temporary natural gas supply across North America. The project examples below are just a few of the many successful virtual pipeline projects, completed by Thigpen, of varying flow rates, pressure requirements, and geographical locations.

Duration: 5 days; October 2017
Flow Rates: 30 MCFH, 60 psig delivery pressure
Equipment: 2 LNG Transports, 1 Forced Air Ambient Vaporizer
Situation: A town city gate was losing its gas supply due to integrity work being performed on the transmission line. Thigpen Energy connected to the city gate and provided vaporized LNG to feed the town during the 5 day outage, ensuring that all customers on the distribution grid had a continuous supply of natural gas during the transmission line outage.

Duration: 7 Days; October 2017
Flow Rates: 75 MCFH, 50 psig delivery pressure
Equipment: 3 LNG Transports, 2 Forced Air Ambient Vaporizers
Situation: An LDC city gate was facing an outage during upstream integrity work on the pipeline. Without a dual feed available, the town was facing a 5 day gas outage. Thigpen Energy provided an LNG virtual pipeline solution for the duration of the integrity work, making sure that the town border was fed natural gas and that all customers were held up with supply.

Duration: 3 months; Summer/Fall 2017
Flow Rates: 10 MCFH; 30 psig delivery pressure
Equipment: 2 LNG Transports, 1 Ambient Vaporizer
Situation: A manufacturing facility was built and ready to commence operation, but was facing a 3-5 month delay in the permanent pipeline construction. With gas supply being critical to the plants operation, Thigpen is providing a virtual pipeline solution directly to the facility while the pipeline is being built, allowing for the facility to continue

Duration: 7 days; December 2016
Flow Rates: Up to 650 MCFH; 90 psig
Situation: The distribution gas line supplying industrial and residential customers had to be taken down for integrity testing, and to install smartpig traps. Thigpen Energy provided constant gas flow to supply these customers while integrity testing was conducted.

Duration: 14 days; October 2016
Flow Rates: 10 CNG Farm Taps; Single Home Supply
Situation: The customer had to conduct pipeline maintenance on a natural gas line that had several “farm tap” customers. Using 2.5 MCF CNG cascade 6-pack skids, Thigpen deployed CNG skids to 10 farm tap customers to ensure each home had sustainable natural gas during the maintenance project.

Duration: 20 days; March 2016
Flow Rates: Up to 150 MCFH; 60 psig
Situation: The distribution gas line supplying sienna plantation was scheduled for smart pigging and integrity testing, leaving 6,800 homes without gas supply during the scheduled outage. During smart pigging operations, gas supply was transitioned to Thigpen Energy’s virtual pipeline and gas was supplied to the customers. Once testing was completed, the customer transitioned to mainline gas.

Duration: 6 days; June 2016
Flow Rates: Up to 150 MCFH; 250 psig
Situation: The natural gas line feeding the town of Cedartown was scheduled for a hydrostatic test. Residential and commercial customers would have been without gas for the duration of the project without a virtual pipeline solution, which was provided.

Duration: 30 days; June 2016
Flow Rates: 20 MCFH; 10 psig
Situation: The natural gas pipeline feeding the Chicken Processing plant was scheduled for integrity testing and new construction. Thigpen provided 30 days of gas supply to keep the processing plant boilers up and running for sanitation.

Duration: 24 Hours; October 2016
Flow Rates: 20 MCFH; 10 psig
Situation: The customer was conducting a pipeline blowdown for a Centerpoint Energy distribution line that provided gas to many residential customers. Thigpen was on site for 24 hours during the blowdown to hold up customers with natural gas during the outage.