Safety Program Overview

Here at Thigpen Energy, we take pride in our impeccable safety performance record. Our commitment to safety is not only a policy or a goal, but it is a culture.

To ensure we are maintaining that culture, we send all of our new employees through extensive safety training before being allowed on a job site.

Additionally, we perform ongoing daily, weekly, and monthly safety meetings to ensure safety is not an afterthought, but an instinct.

Safety and Operator Qualification Information

ISN Thigpen Energy, LLC – #400-189499
Energy WorldNet – Thigpen Energy
Veriforce – Thigpen Energy, LLC ID #1723
PEC Safety- Thigpen Energy LLC
Avetta- Thigpen Energy LLC ID#2770661

Memberships and Affiliations

TGA – Texas Gas Association

OGA- Oklahoma Gas Association

AGA- Arkansas Gas Association

LGA- Louisiana Gas Association

MNGA- Mississippi Natural Gas Association

TGA- Tennessee Gas Association

ANGA- Alabama Natural Gas Association

FNGA- Florida Natural Gas Association

FEPA- Florida Energy Pipeline Association

CPGA- Carolinas Public Gas Association

SGA- Southern Gas Association

APGA- American Public Gas Association