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Advantages of Virtual Pipelines

Thigpen Energy LNG Virtual Pipeline August 2017

Thigpen Energy provides temporary natural gas supply across North America for a variety of customer needs. Our fleet of portable cryogenic equipment—LNG tankers and vaporization equipment, as well as our CNG trailers and skids—are ready to be deployed virtually anywhere in North America. Virtual pipelines can be used by customers who have no access—or have lost access either temporarily or permanently—to natural gas. We offer services for foreseen, and unforeseen emergency situations. Common virtual pipeline projects include: temporary gas supply during pipeline integrity projects,  backup gas supply for firm & non-firm customer curtailment concerns, supplemental supply during peak usage seasons, and for commissioning or testing of a new facility.

What are the advantages of using virtual pipelines?

There are several advantages to using a virtual pipeline service such as Thigpen Energy.

  • Projects can be flexible. Depending on needs and the circumstances, projects may last from hours to several months.
  • Virtual pipelines enable customers of any size to access natural gas.
  • Industries served with virtual pipelines are broad. Thigpen Energy’s customers are both commercial and industrial—from an array of sectors, situations, locations, and project lengths.
  • Applications can be scalable—starting small and easily scaling up in size.  Thigpen Energy’s virtual pipeline capabilities range from providing just a few standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) to over 1.8 Million SCFH.
  • Virtual pipelines are flexible to serve shifting demand points. Whether we’re entrusted to connect to a large city gate or LDC system, or direct to a single customer, we have a proven virtual pipeline solution.
  • Multiple transport options of fuel delivery are within an economically competitive radius from the gas source.

About Thigpen Energy

Thigpen Energy owns and operates an extensive fleet of LNG and CNG vehicles which allows us to provide quick, dependable service using equipment that is operated safely and knowledgeably by our teams of OQ qualified operators—we have established the proper mixture of logistics, trucking and transport trailers for CNG and LNG delivery to ensure we provide a superior level of turn-key gas supply service and delivery reliability.

Learn More

Virtual pipelines allow for fluid projects that can be provided to an array of customer types in nearly any environment. To discuss your specific application with a knowledgable Thigpen Energy representative, contact us directly. To request a quote, click here.

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