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CNG and LNG On-Site Fueling by Thigpen Energy 

CNG Fueling Equipment Thigpen EnergyThigpen Energy offers on-site fueling solutions for both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) applications. Our equipment fleets are specifically engineered to suit individual needs for an array of application types, industries, and environments.

“Thigpen Energy provides the most comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions in North America”, commented Jim Schauer, CEO & Managing Director of Thigpen Energy.  “Our solutions include [CNG and] LNG fueling for utilities and industrial customers which experience natural gas pipeline integrity projects and disruptions.”CNG Fueling Equipment Thigpen Energy

Emergencies aren’t planned, so Thigpen Energy is on stand by 24/7 with experienced personnel to serve you. Thigpen Energy utilizes both in-house personnel and third party transportation partnerships to allow delivery of CNG and LNG supply to all fueling locations safely, affordably, and on time. We’re available when you need us, where you need us. LNG tankers and vaporization equipment, as well as our CNG trailers and skids, are ready to be deployed anywhere in North America.

Thigpen Energy’s CNG and LNG virtual pipelines are primarily used for: pipeline integrity, temporary gas supply, customer curtailment, and emergencies.

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