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Thigpen Energy Recent Projects - November 2017

Recent Thigpen Energy Natural Gas Projects

Thigpen Energy provides temporary compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) supply across North America. Below are a few examples of recent projects in various states. Each Thigpen Energy project is of varying flow rates, pressure requirements, and duration.

Thigpen-Energy-Project---October-2017Application: Due to scheduled pipeline integrity management work by the pipeline operator, a single feed distribution system was facing a loss of gas supply for several days. Thigpen Energy connected to the city gate, and prevented an outage by providing temporary onsite LNG storage and vaporization equipment. By utilizing Thigpen’s LNG Virtual Pipeline system, no customer went without gas supply for the duration of the maintenance work, and a seamless swap back to pipeline gas was accomplished.
Equipment: 2 LNG Transports, 1 Forced Air Ambient Vaporizer
Specs: 30 MCFH, 60 psig delivery pressure, 5 days

Application: An LDC city gate was facing a system wide outage during an emergency pipeline maintenance project. Without a dual feed available, and limited spacing at the regulation station, the town was facing a week long gas outage to all customers. Thigpen Energy’s LNG Transports, having the ability to be refueled with additional LNG while simultaneously off-loading to the vaporization equipment, allowed for an LNG virtual pipeline operation to be successful. With just one LNG Transport holding as much as 830 MCF of natural gas, compared to 130 MCF in a standard CNG tube trailer, project logistics, site footprint, safety, and cost efficiency was maximized. The distribution system received continuous gas supply throughout the project.
Equipment: 3 LNG Transports, 2 Forced Air Ambient Vaporizers
Specs: 75 MCFH, 50 psig delivery pressure, 7 days

Application: A large manufacturing facility was built and ready to commence operation, but was facing a 3-5 month delay in the permanent pipeline construction to its pipeline gas source. Instead of delaying operations during this timeframe, Thigpen Energy was contacted to temporarily provide the facility with gas until the permanent pipeline was installed.
Equipment: 2 LNG Transports, 1 Ambient Vaporizer
Specs: 10 MCFH; 30 psig delivery pressure, 3 months

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