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Virtual Pipeline FAQs

Thigpen Energy is a provider of virtual pipeline fueling solutions for natural gas (LNG and CNG) across the United States. We provide 100% mobile, turn-key solutions for both schedule outages and emergency situations. Thigpen Energy supplies gas via virtual pipelines to a variety of customer types, including industrial, commercial, and residential. Our solutions range from large-scale multi-month projects to small, single-day outages.

Virtual Pipeline FAQs

  • Virtual pipelines are scheduled shipments of oil or natural gas from point A to point B.
  • Virtual pipelines can be supplied by water, in ocean-going or coastal tankers and barges, or overland in containers by rail or road.
  • Virtual gas pipeline operations supply markets that are either too small for normal LNG large-scale carriers, or too geographically challenging to justify an investment in pipeline construction.
  • Virtual gas pipeline operations, such as Thigpen Energy, also provide natural gas supply during natural disasters and emergencies.
  • Virtual pipelines supply gas to domestic customers, industry and electricity generation plants almost anywhere that is accessible by road or sea.

Natural Gas Virtual PipelineThigpen Energy’s Natural Gas Solutions

Thigpen Energy’s natural gas fleet supports extensive natural gas specifications and requirements. Today, due to innovations in natural gas technology, LNG can be safely transported in relatively small amounts without high compression. As a result, it is possible for small-scale LNG-fueled power plants supplied by virtual pipelines to power factories, industrial parks and mines in remote locations. At a regional level, a bunkering facility can accept large LNG deliveries for subsequent bulk-breaking into smaller quantities to be distributed to customers across the region. 

Despite having 305,000 miles of interstate and intrastate gas transmission pipelines, the largest gas pipeline network in the world–that of North America–has supply issues as well as customers located beyond the reach of the existing gas grid. This makes virtual pipelines a necessity. If your commercial, industrial, or residential situation supports potential virtual pipeline solutions, contact Thigpen Energy today to discuss how we can supply your location with a steady stream of safe natural gas today–or in an emergency.