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Who Uses Natural Gas Services?

In the United States, most of the natural gas produced is burned as a fuel for a multitude of different applications. It is used to generate electricity for power grids, heat buildings, fuel vehicles, heat water, bake foods, power industrial furnaces, and even run air conditioners.

At Thigpen Energy, we provide customers in North America a variety of temporary natural gas fueling solutions, including in-field equipment and operations, as well as fueling program design and development for the use of natural gas across an entire fleet.

Service Sectors

Thigpen Energy’s fueling solutions serve utilities and LDC’s, pipeline integrity projects for pipeline operators, winter peak shaving operations for capacity or pressure issues, and supplemental gas supply for commercial or industrial customers (including electric generation plants). Customers may also have a need for Thigpen Energy services due to 3rd party damages to pipelines, natural disasters, or new pipeline construction projects before permanent gas supply is achieved.

Our customers are part of a large range of sectors, including residential “farm taps”, industrial facilities (power plants), commercial (large businesses, manufacturing facilities)pop-up asphalt and concrete plants for road construction, agricultural operations(grain drying, chicken farmers, etc.), and even stranded/orphaned or rural systems that may no longer have access to pipeline gas.

Thigpen Energy U50 Open CNG EquipmentCustomer Service

Customers can depend on Thigpen Energy to provide the most effective temporary gas supply solution on the market today. Our fast response and focus on safety make our LNG and CNG solutions the most customer-friendly natural gas service available on the market. Our response time, in most applications, of 72 hours or less from the time of project approval to in-service fueling ensures our customers we have their up-time in mind.

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For information regarding specific natural gas solutions that Thigpen Energy can provide for your organization or residential area, contact Thigpen Energy directly.