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Why Choose Thigpen for LNG and CNG Services-Thigpen Energy

Why choose Thigpen for LNG and CNG Services?

Why Choose Thigpen for LNG and CNG Services-Thigpen EnergyThigpen Energy is available when you need temporary natural gas supply–without notice. We are a one-stop-shop that delivers the most effective virtual pipeline solutions on the market today. With 100% mobile equipment, Thigpen has the right gear to suit the application’s size, project duration, and the required flow rates to offer our quality liquefied natural gas services.

Thigpen’s flexible culture offers temporary natural gas supply when the unexpected happens. Virtual pipeline emergencies can’t always be predicted; there is also the on-going risk of supply shortages or facility outages during your projects in a remote area. In any circumstance that prevents you or your customers from receiving the natural gas supply that they expect, you can depend on Thigpen.

Our LNG and CNG services feasibly and economically source fuel to an expanding list of natural gas users. We will maintain the gas flow to your customers keeping their satisfaction high with your services.

At Thigpen, natural gas is delivered at a controlled temperature, pressure, and flow rate. With these qualities, our services are able to guarantee an uninterrupted supply to get the job done in a timely manner – whether for a backup in an emergency situation or for a planned construction, repair, maintenance, internal inspection, upgrading, or testing.

In addition to our commitment to provide you with continuous supplies of CNG and LNG, safety is also a priority. Our technicians who service your project are trained professionals and offer impeccable assistance and friendly service. You can sleep easy knowing our employees have received extensive safety training, and our LNG tankers have been engineered with reliable features such as safety shut off valves.

Let us help you – contact us today to learn more about Thigpen Energy’s LNG and CNG services. Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can provide for your natural gas needs.