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Pipeline Integrity-Thigpen Energy

Temporary Natural Gas Supply: Pipeline Integrity Services

In the United States, pipeline operators are required to abide by the regulations put forth by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. These regulations require oil and gas transmission companies to halt their operations and perform inspections, evaluations, and necessary maintenance on pipelines where anomalies could have a significant impact on general safety.

During this time of shut-down, Thigpen Energy can provide reliable temporary natural gas supply to customers with our fleet of portable cryogenic equipment ready to be delivered anywhere in North America. At Thigpen, it is our goal to be comprehensive and serve our customers in a timely manner no matter the duration, size, or location of the application.Pipeline Integrity-Thigpen Energy

Our temporary natural gas supply solutions are flexible and able to serve shifting demand points. Our vast selection of equipment allows us to meet our customer’s specific natural gas pipeline needs during their pipeline integrity management period. Thigpen’s natural gas flow rates are consistent guaranteeing our customers are provided the natural gas they need until pipeline gas becomes available again.

Because natural gas pipelines involve unknown risks, safety is a part of Thigpen’s culture. Our technicians are professionals with extensive training who aim to deliver our customers with the virtual pipeline services they need with a seamless mentality. Thigpen utilizes a variety of safety platforms required by our customers, such as ISNetworld, EnergyWorldNet, and Veriforce.

When it is time to perform the necessary testing on your pipelines, trust Thigpen Energy as a temporary natural gas supply company to get the job done right.

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