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Portable Pipeline Solutions-Thigpen Energy

Thigpen’s Portable Pipeline Solutions

Since 2005, Thigpen Energy has been providing the energy industry of North America with effective and comprehensive integrated portable pipeline fueling solutions, including in-field equipment and operations, for emergency or planned pipeline needs.Why Choose Thigpen for LNG and CNG Services-Thigpen Energy

Thigpen’s innovative LNG portable pipeline services are flexible to serve shifting demand points. Our services utilize a fleet of diverse, portable equipment to quickly and safely deliver a short-term natural gas supply to a growing number of loyal clients. Our portable pipelines can be used for varying application sizes of a large range of customer sectors during pipeline construction or maintenance, integrity testing, emergency peak shaving, and emergency pipeline outages or interruptions.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is non-toxic, non-corrosive, economically feasible, and is handled by our trained professionals. Our solutions address the risks and regulatory aspects associated with fuel and power to guarantee the safety of our qualified workers and our clients is not compromised. Thigpen Energy takes pride in knowing their natural gas pipeline solutions flow at a reliable, consistent rate, and are easily transportable in a timely manner to ensure no application stands without power.

For level of experience, sophisticated range of equipment, and advanced superior service, Thigpen Energy has no equal in the portable pipeline business. Contact us today to discuss what our portable pipeline services can do for your organization.