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Temporary Pipelines During Natural Disasters & Emergencies-Thigpen Energy

Temporary Pipelines During Natural Disasters & Emergencies

Temporary Pipelines During Natural Disasters & Emergencies-Thigpen EnergyCompanies within the energy market must have a strategic and up-to-date emergency management plan able to protect pipelines when a potential hazard occurs. However, some things cannot be controlled, and damage or pipeline disruption may occur as a result.

Although preparedness is a key factor in protecting pipelines and increasing their lifespan, pipelines can still corrode and generate failures due to the natural disaster that ensues–forcing a company to halt or cease business.

However, temporary pipelines can provide assistance through temporary gas supply during all forms of emergencies, including when unexpected natural disasters arise–such as fires, tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes.

After a natural disaster, it is important to ensure all equipment has the ability to perform and function properly. To guarantee mobility and safety, a post-disaster inspection of the pipeline infrastructure is recommended. During these emergency assessments, temporary pipelines are useful to maintain operations.

In an emergency situation caused by a natural disaster, Thigpen Energy strives to ensure an effective, coordinated response to maintain a constant flow of safe, reliable natural gas to operations of any size.

At Thigpen, we offer routine proactive measures before stepping foot onto any site that has been upset by a natural disaster. Our goal is to secure the safety of our workers, equipment, and any other individuals that may be present.

Thigpen Energy owns and operates a fleet of mobile LNG/CNG equipment to be delivered at any location in North America. From a small municipal gas system to a large industrial plant, our highly-trained workers will be there to meet the needs of our clients during any emergency situation that may strike.

Contact our team today to learn more about how our services can aid your application before, during, or after a natural disaster emergency.