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Temporary Natural Gas Supply- Customer Curtailment- Thigpen Energy

Temporary Natural Gas Supply: Customer Curtailment

Temporary Natural Gas Supply- Customer Curtailment- Thigpen Energy When unpredicted extreme weather events occur, the natural gas industry gets hit the hardest. These changes can cause natural gas prices to shift due to the high level of demand and diminishing supply. Pipelines work hard to keep the gas flowing at maximum capacity to meet the energy demands of customers, however, it may not always be feasible.

Thigpen Energy provides our clients with an emergency backup plan during curtailment. Thigpen offers a reliable temporary LNG and CNG gas supply with our fleet of 100% mobile cryogenic equipment. Our goal is to be proactive in our customers’ pipeline failures and bring efficient virtual pipeline solutions to an energy crisis.

During curtailment, a company must make informed decisions based on cost-benefit analysis. Some businesses may continue operations during curtailment, but will pay increased tariffs or rates associated with continuing their operations. When curtailed, a back-up source must be in place. At Thigpen, our virtual pipelines are flexible and are able to meet an array of customer needs due to our broad selection of equipment at an affordable price. We urge clients to utilize our temporary natural gas supply systems as the support they need.Temporary Natural Gas Supply- Customer Curtailment- Thigpen Energy

It’s important to remember that no facility is immune to such unfortunate events. If pipeline curtailment happens to you, count on Thigpen Energy to be there and get the job done in a timely manner.

Stay one step ahead–schedule a complimentary consultation with us today to discuss how we can assist your organization when unexpected pipeline curtailment occurs.