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Temporary Natural Gas Supply: When Service is Non-Negotiable

Thigpen Energy offers flexible temporary natural gas supply when and where you need it. Whether you are experiencing an unexpected emergency, a supply shortage in a remote location, or are preparing for planned pipeline integrity work, Thigpen is on standby with 100% mobile equipment to suit the application’s size, project duration, and required flow rates.

Gas Flow with LNG-Thigpen Energy Maintain Gas Flow with LNG

Thigpen Energy understands that service is non-negotiable. Our natural gas supply services keeps gas flowing to your customers regardless of the situation–ensuring you meet your contractual obligations so that customers remain happy.

Our mobile LNG and CNG equipment can be quickly deployed to your site in minimal time; natural gas is delivered at precisely controlled pressure, temperature, and flow rate for an uninterrupted supply.

Reliable and Safe

At Thigpen Energy, safety remains a priority. We take pride in our impeccable safety performance record, so you can rest assured that the technicians who service your project are trained professionals who have undergone initial training and regular follow-up meetings. Our commitment to safety is not only a policy or a goal, but it is a culture.

Let’s Talk

To learn more about the natural gas services that Thigpen Energy can provide for your organization or residential area, contact us directly. We’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your natural gas needs and determine which service type is optimal for the application.