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Temporary Natural Gas Supply: LNG Distribution

Temporary Natural Gas Supply-LNG-Distribution- Thigpen EnergyLiquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a pure form of natural gas that is neither toxic nor carcinogenic–making it a reliable source of natural gas for heating, cooling, and for power. Because LNG consists of a lesser volume than in that of its gas state, it is far more practical and efficient to transport and distribute for the need of a temporary natural gas supply.

For over a decade, Thigpen Energy has been providing the energy industry with the most comprehensive integrated on-site fueling solutions in the sector across North America.

Thigpen has refined LNG distribution solutions for the energy market. A temporary natural gas supply of LNG provided by Thigpen can maintain an uninterrupted supply of natural gas during planned construction, maintenance, testing, or be utilized as an emergency backup supply. The utilization of LNG is a preferred choice for many companies as a short-term supply because of its feasibility, and economic and environmental benefits.

With one of the largest virtual pipeline fleets in the country, Thigpen strives to suit every application’s size–from municipal gas systems to large industrial plants–and be present during every project’s duration to ensure quality performance. Our equipment will be deployed to the project’s site in a prompt matter–minimizing shut-down time.

The trained professionals at Thigpen understand that service is non-negotiable. Contact us today to learn more about Thigpen’s temporary natural gas supply of LNG and how it can be of service to your organization.