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Thigpen's Integrated Pipeline Services-Thigpen Energy

Thigpen’s Integrated Pipeline Services

Thigpen's Integrated Pipeline Services-Thigpen EnergyFor over a decade, Thigpen Energy has provided clients within the energy industry reliable virtual pipeline services during times of pipeline integrity, customer curtailment, emergency or periods when there is a need for temporary gas supply.

From municipal gas systems to large industrial plants, our diverse fleet of 100% mobile equipment–LNG tankers, vaporization equipment and CNG trailers–can be deployed anywhere in North America to suit any sized customer. Our integrated pipeline services are catered to our clients on-site by our trained, experienced team who consider safety a habitual instinct.

Thigpen takes boundless pride in knowing our range of pipeline services have refined the LNG, CNG, and field gas solutions which can provide drilling companies, pumping fleets and operators a sufficient cost savings and increased up-time.

We understand the constant need to reduce the environmental impact of evacuating gas from a pipeline system. We strive to actively contribute to protecting the environment through our integrated pipeline services featuring liquefied natural gas (LNG)–which is considered the cleanest fossil fuel, ultimately generating 30% less carbon dioxide than fuel oil.

Thigpen Energy offers a true turn-key solution to the end user–essentially responding to all needs addressed. In addition to providing fueling services, our experts provide dual fuel conversion system installations to deliver cohesive, integrated fueling services for the E&P market.

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