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Virtual Pipeline Safety-Thigpen Energy

Virtual Pipeline Safety

TVirtual Pipeline Safety-Thigpen Energyexas, where Thigpen Energy is headquartered, has the largest pipeline infrastructure in the nation, with more than 448,446 miles of pipeline.

Commonly overlooked, safety is the most important factor within the energy industry–especially when transportation and distribution are involved. Virtual pipeline safety ensures the protection of all workers, clients, equipment, and environments at-hand.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issues pipeline safety regulations addressing construction, operation, and maintenance. In regard to these strictly enforced regulations, pipeline operators must be compliant with all pipeline safety state and federal laws and take responsibility in ensuring reliable operations and equipment.

The public has the opportunity to prevent pipeline accidents through awareness. Everyone can contribute to safety and security by knowing where pipelines are in their communities, how to recognize unauthorized activity or abnormal conditions, and how to respond to a case of a pipeline accident.

Thigpen Energy’s commitment to pipeline safety is not only a policy or goal, but it is a culture. Our safety program sends all employees through extensive training prior to walking onto a job site–as well as perform ongoing daily, weekly and monthly safety meetings as a full team. While maintaining stringent safety requirements, Thigpen offers the most comprehensive and innovative LNG and CNG fueling system in the market.

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