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Winter Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is a technique which can allow or force a company to lower electrical power or gas consumption during periods of maximum demand on the power utility or natural gas pipeline supplier. During a peak consumption period, peak shaving can result in significant capacity charge savings for the following years.

Because balancing increased electrical power or natural gas demand can cause time and financial constraints, the assistance of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) peak shaving units allows customer preparedness for stressed consumption periods, like cold winter months and extreme summer heat.Winter-Peak-Shaving-Thigpen Energy

Thigpen Energy offers a program to customers who are seeking on-site supplemental natural gas storage during planned outages and emergencies. Thigpen uses a short-term LNG setup to provide supplemental gas supply during peak usage hours to obtain consistent gas capacity and pipeline pressures to a wide range of customers.

What are the Benefits of Peak Shaving with Thigpen?

  • Reduce pipeline demand and capacity volumes
  • Avoid winter curtailments
  • Recoupable cost thru WACOG/GCA/PGA
  • Various volumes and pressures available
  • Commercial and industrial customers save on electricity bills by reducing peak demand

Now Taking Reservations

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