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Thigpen Energy Services was founded in October 2005 on the principle of providing the energy industry the most comprehensive integrated solutions in the sector. This goal, coupled with the desire to provide the highest level of customer service while performing to the most exacting safety standards, formed the basis of what is now Thigpen Energy.

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Natural gas solutions for Pipeline, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation applications.

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100% Mobile, Turn-Key Solutions

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The Importance of Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspections

The Importance of Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspections

Oil and gas pipelines have become the preferred method for transporting materials due to cost-effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Therefore, pipelines are expensive assets that require necessary maintenance to ensure proper function. To protect these assets,...

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Temporary Assistance During Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Temporary Assistance During Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing methods are used by pipeline operators as a means to determine the integrity of the pipeline after construction and before placing the pipeline in service, as well as during a pipeline’s operating life. In the  natural gas pipeline...

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