LNG to Service Drilling Rigs

Over the years, liquified natural gas (LNG) has been proven to be an economically and
environmentally favorable alternative for various drilling applications, like drilling rigs.

LNG provides drilling rigs the same mobility as alternate fuel sources, however offers
economic savings and emission reductions–providing a reliable, clean and consistent
source of natural gas.

Transportable LNG is a highly affordable and dependable energy source for drilling
applications seeking to reduce overall fuel costs. LNG fuel offers safe storage, safe
transportation and safe usage for drilling rigs.

Technical innovation in producing gas from North American shale deposits has
increased gas supply, reduced its cost and stabilized prices in the market. LNG fuel used
to service drilling applications continues to provide cost savings and reduce the
environmental impact of the drilling industry.

As a core service, Thigpen Energy provides LNG fuel to oil and gas drilling rigs in North
America. At Thigpen, our solutions include LNG storage and regasification equipment
necessary to vaporize LNG to a useable fuel source for all drilling applications.

Our fuel service personnel are capable of installing all piping and interconnecting
regulation equipment between the vaporization system and the converted engines on
drilling rigs.

Rely on the trained workers at Thigpen to install, fuel and maintain a complete portable
LNG fueling systems for drilling applications. Contact us today.