Temporary Assistance During Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing methods are used by pipeline operators as a means to determine the integrity of the pipeline after construction and before placing the pipeline in service, as well as during a pipeline’s operating life.

In the  natural gas pipeline industry, public safety is a top concern, in addition to consistent and dependable gas delivery. Hydrostatic pressure testing is a pipeline integrity tool that can ensure the structural integrity and safety of a natural gas pipeline.

Hydrostatic pressure tests provide companies with vital information regarding the operating safety margin for the pipeline, as well as identify pipelines flaws so proactive repairs can be performed. However, despite the benefits this testing may present to diverse applications, many companies agree that interruptions to natural gas flow during this type of integrity practice is non-negotiable.

During pipeline integrity projects, pipeline operators may be forced to shut down their  pipeline supply for proper testing. In most cases, temporary assistance during hydrostatic pressure testing can limit application service disruptions and reduce costly expenses for a pipeline company.

Thigpen Energy offers temporary assistance for pipeline operators, distribution companies, & end users during pipeline integrity projects, including hydrostatic pressure testing–providing a comprehensive natural gas fueling solution. In fact, in most cases, costs associated with temporary gas supply can be recouped by the pipeline operator/distributor through their purchased gas adjustments (PGA).

During any pipeline disruption, Thigpen can ensure customers are supplied safe, reliable flow of LNG and CNG natural gas to keep pipeline customers whole. Contact us today.