Pipeline and Utilities

Thigpen Energy provides the most comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions in North America. Our solutions include LNG and CNG fueling for utilities and LDC’s, pipeline integrity projects for pipeline operators, winter peak shaving operations for pipeline capacity or pressure issues, and supplemental gas supply for commercial or industrial customers, including electric generation plants.

Thigpen Energy can assist during any pipeline disruption to ensure that your customers are supplied safe, reliable natural gas. We provide a complete 100% turn-key solution whenever natural gas service is non-negotiable!

Virtual Pipeline Provided During

Pipeline Integrity

  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Smart Pig / ILI

Temporary Gas Supply

  • New Pipeline Construction
  • Initial Startup


Customer Curtailment

  • Winter Peak Shaving
  • Supplemental Gas (Non-Core)


  • Line Strikes
  • Natural Disasters