LDC Pipeline Supplemental Winter Capacity

Application: Gas Utility Peak-Shaving

Duration: 144 Days

Fuel Type: LNG

Flow Rates: Peak- 140MCF, at 60 PSI

Equipment: MVS-150, Queen Storage Unit, Generator, and a Transport

Situation: The local LDC’s current pipeline infrastructure was undersized and could not support that amount of incremental growth demand during winter months. When temperatures fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit the pressure at the end of the line is not high enough to provide enough volume during peak usage hours for the customers.  By utilizing Thigpen’s LNG virtual pipeline, the utility was able to supplement the missing volume by providing peak shaving service until pipeline capacity was adequate. During our 144 Days between 2018-2019 Winter season we were dispatched and provided service 95 of those 144 days with no interruption of service to the customer. Over 1100-man hours were worked on just this one project with no recordable incidents, on site injuries, or safety violations while providing the LDC with over 204,000 LNG gallons (16,850 MCF) of supplemental gas supply.